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Educational Coalition for Hispanics in Oakland

ECHO (501-C)

ECHO is a membership organization which is open to all people regardless of ethnicity, language and cultural or personal life styles. Our goals are to advance the educational opportunities of Latino students, families and parents. Improve the quality of educational experiences and resources available to families and their children and ensure the presence and participation of Latinos in all decision making body’s and governance activities which have an impact on their family and children.

1. Executive director, Emma Chavez Roos. 
2. President, Jorge C. Lerma and co founder of ECHO.
3. Deputy Secretary, Blanca Perez.
4. Senior Parent/Student Consultant, Maria Jimenez
5. Rotating student advisor.
6. Rotating Parent advisor. 
7. Rotating Parent Advisor.

1 Dr. Lily Wong Fillmore Emeritus UC Berkeley.
2 Dr. Peter D. Roos Civil Rights Lawyer.
3 Dr. Kenji Hakuta, Professor of Education at Sanford University, Palo Alto.
4 Terry Alderete, Executive Director of the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce of Alameda County.
5. Dr Angela Gallegos Castillo, Assistant to the Mayor, Berkeley California.

Our main areas of focus and work